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On Strike
11-28-07, 12:57 am
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 It’s midnight in Bolivia, and we’re on strike.  I’m including myself because when there is a strike, everyone stays home.  You don’t go in the car anywhere, but you can walk.  For me, a strike is strictly labor related.  A business or union strikes, and workers and supporters either strike or cross the picket line.  It’s different in Bolivia.    The strike started at midnight, and is for 24 hours.  No one works.  There is no school, no flights, no mail, no banking, nothing.  No buses or taxis.  I guess there will be roadblocks if people try to drive.   It’s safe here, it’s just everyone will stay at home for a day.   It’s not like home, where people would drive each other crazy stuck at home together, like a snow day.  Families here enjoy each other’s company, and the siblings are close.  If I see my brother once a year, it’s too often for me.

The strike is in 6 of Bolivia’s 9 provinces.  These provinces control about 80% of the country’s national income.   I’m glad that I’m here, so I can tell my program that the kids are safe and well taken care of if they ask questions.


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