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11-28-07, 6:53 pm
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  From the Washington Times- SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia — The government of President Evo Morales has declared war on U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg, with Bolivia’s government accusing the American Embassy of financing opposition parties and threatening to expel the U.S. envoy.
“Enough with the conspiracy headed by the ambassador of the United States in Bolivia,” said Mr. Morales, who has threatened to declare Mr. Goldberg persona non grata.
Speaking at an Ibero-American summit this month in Chile, Mr. Morales accused Mr. Goldberg of leading an “international right-wing network.”
“If the U.S. Embassy wants to leave and take away its aid, the doors are open,” he said.
Mr. Morales also blamed Mr. Goldberg for recent bombings aimed at Venezuelan and Cuban targets in Bolivia.
“It’s clear that Morales wants the U.S. Embassy to go,” said Hugo Acha, a lawyer in Santa Cruz who has been a State Department consultant. “It’s interfering with his plans, and the ambassador could become a reference point for the opposition as the government radicalizes.”
For us, it was a quiet, family day.  Sparky and I both have colds, and Jon didn’t feel well this morning.  I slept a lot.  The strike was over at 6:00pm.  Sparky has his final math tutoring tonight, and his mom is going to a philosophy group meeting.  I am staying home. 
Husband has been busy while I am away. He bought his Christmas gift.  A new tv over the weekend, and he’s been telling me about all the fancy new options.  He told me it was idiot-proof, so I should be able to use it.


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