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Yep, I am crazy
11-29-07, 11:05 pm
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Nothing much about Bolivia in the news today.  It’s quiet here, everything seems normal to me.  I walked around downtown Santa Cruz today.  Husband says people are asking him if I’m crazy being here.  Me being crazy has nothing to do with me in Bolivia.  They are two entirely different issues.  I am diligently taking my happy pills, it’s the least I can do to be a good houseguest.

Sparky has passed all of his classes, and can graduate tomorrow.  His last two tests were today; he completed a lot of work since he returned in July to be able to graduate with his class.  I am proud of him.  (Except when I want to kill him.  That’s about once every 2 days or so.)

Little nothings:  Nylon bath scrubbies feel heavenly on mosquito bites.  I have the cleanest ankles in Bolivia.  Sparky’s family doesn’t use laundry baskets; the clothes are simply carried.  The water faucets don’t have hot and cold controls, just on and off.  My fingernails are dull, but are growing quicker than usual.  I’ve had a fever the last 2 days from a cold, and sometimes had a fever and goosebumps simultaneously.  That’s just weird.  We went to the grocery store, and filled up a cart, and it was only $45.oo.   Bolivia makes wine.  We opened my state’s wine today to toast Sparky at lunch.  ‘Swill’ is the only word that comes to mind.  I don’t like wine, but even I could tell it sucked.  Abercrombie & Fitch clothing is incredibly popular here.  My watch battery died, and I’m obsessive about checking the time. I’m ok with my cell phone clock, but am going to go nuts on the flight home.

One of my students wanted to return home today.  I didn’t really try to talk her out of it, because it doesn’t work.  The decision to stay or go has to be the student’s.  I asked her several questions, and she called back later to say she’s going to stay and try.  She needs a different host family, but she doesn’t want to hurt mean hostmom’s feelings.  FES stays home too much because hostmom wants her to be a companion.  I want to see her happy, and believe she should stay and complete the year.


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whos the student?

(u might wanna make sure you dont get malaria :S)

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