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11-30-07, 4:28 pm
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 I grew up watching ´Bewitched’ and ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’  The superpower I most wanted from them was the ability to go anywhere in just a blink of an eye.  If I had the magic power, I’d blink myself home now.  I miss Husband, my rotten dogs (who peed on my pillow, grrr.), and home.  I’ve been gone 17 days, and DO NOT WANT any goddamn lectures about ‘It’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different.’  I rationally know it.  Emotionally, pfff.  I’m still sick, and had to buy more Kleenex today.  Lemon-scented ones. Cool, huh?   I still have a fever, goosebumps, sweating like mad, stuffy nose, and diarrhea.  I’m trying to stay hydrated.  It’s tough in the heat and humidity.  It feels like New Orleans in August here in Santa Cruz. 

I never heard of identity theft on Facebook.  Someone made a page with one of Sparky’s brother´s name, photo, school info, birthdate, etc.  The person then set up a group trashing their school and friends.  Once someone does it, you can be sure others will soon follow.  It’s caused a few problems with people thinking this nice boy is writing mean gossip.

Sparky and Jon’s graduation ceremony is tonight.  They have the traditional cap and gown, but each class can choose the color and a motto.  They are wearing green, and the motto is in white on a sash that goes over their shoulders.   The boys are out buying dress shoes, and their mom is getting her hair done.  I’m just hanging out.  I was going to the salon, but she’s getting her hair dyed, and that takes a while.  I wasn’t sure what to have done to my hair so I backed out.  The best haircut I ever had was in Chile.  The woman didn’t speak any English, she was deaf, and cut my hair with a straight razor for $3.00.

Husband will go to outbound student interviews on Sunday to talk to the potential students about going to South America.  Since the person who handles Brasil and I are out of the country, Husband is the only one knowledgeable about South America.  We’re afraid if he didn´t go, the kids would end up being funnelled to Europe and Asia.  Good friends of ours will be interviewers, and they will be able to speak to the potential students about South America as well.  Many times on Interview Day, the students tell us they want to go to ‘France, Italy, Spain, or Germany, because I’ve heard of those countries.’  Or they’ll say it because their language teacher recommended those countries.  People have to be able to talk to them about other options that may be better for the students.

I made my ´Mexican Stuff’ recipe today for lunch. (the recipe is  posted on the blog.) I actually started it yesterday, and finished today.  It was a funny disaster.  The rice was buggy.  A lot of bugs, not just a few.   I wasn’t going to cook it, but Sparky skimmed the rest of the bugs off, and was cooking it for the dog.  I put my stuff away, and went to my room.  He thought I was still watching the pot, and I thought he was cooking it.  When I finally smelled something burning, the entire bottom was black, and so was the bottom inch or more of the sides.  I scrubbed the sides clean and most of the bottom.  When my arms were too tired to do any more scrubbing, I asked Sparky to take over.  He scrubbed for about 30 seconds, rinsed it off, and said it was good enough.  ok.  Today, we made fresh rice, but the pan was too big for the stove.  Jon and I slopped half of it into another container and shoved it in the oven.  Jon loved it, but I didn’t even try it.  I’m too hot and sick to eat.  Sparky didn’t say anything, so I don’t know what he thought.  We seem to be speaking on an as needed basis.


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