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Bitch, Bitch, Bitch
12-01-07, 11:50 pm
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Remember Sunday’s forced fun day out?  We had a repeat today.  Oh fucking joy.   Sparky’s mom wanted to go to a large waterpark this morning, or to see butterflies, or to some quaint little town.  Of the 5 remaining people in the house, 0 wanted to do any of those activities.  The older boys had hangovers, and 2 of us were still sick.   I just wanted to go eat somewhere, and swim at the grandparents.  We had sandwiches in the car, and went to a botanical park where the mosquitoes adore gringos.  I smacked five of the little buggers on my calf once.  I never felt them bite, but I’d see them, and when I squished them, my hand was bloody.  I hate nature.  I really hate nature walks in horrid humidity with mosquitoes.   Yeah, it sucked.   I did get to see some weird huge animal, and 2 crocodile’s snouts, but it didn´t make up for being mosquito chow.    Then we drove some more to a quaint little town that’s famous for it’s church and pilgrims. (agnostic here)  The rest of the group lit a candle while I waited outside.  Then we went to a pottery shop, and Sparky’s mom bought a ton of stuff, including a 3 foot tall vase.   We then stopped at the grandparents, so the boys could swim.  That’s when I got pissy.  I told Sparky it wasn’t fair for him to be able to swim because the kids had suits there, but I couldn’t since my suit was at the house.  (No one tells me what we’re doing, or if they do, plans change.  Fucking drives me nuts.)  He and his mom went to their house (15 minutes away) to get my suit and to put the pottery and food away.  They came back 2 1/2 hours later, but with dinner.  (Yum, steak, fries, and cheesy rice.)   Then we went swimming. Hurray.  Now we’re home except for Sparky.  Surprise, we dropped him off in the main plaza.  Why is it so difficult to say ‘hey, I want to meet my friends for a drink.  You don’t mind, do you?’  Nope, we just stopped, and he hopped out.  I blurted out ‘Where are you going?’

Family life is so different here.  All I want to do is spend time with Sparky.  By ourselves.  Apparently it’s an impossible dream.  We go to walk the dog, and a brother comes along.  We go shopping, and Jon tags along.  I even asked if I could go along with Sparky tonight to the house to get my suit, and his mom had to go to ‘put the food in the fridge.’  So I just stayed at the grandparents.  I have four days left.  I WANT TO SPEND TIME ALONE WITH SPARKY.  IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD TO UNDERSTAND!   And yes, I do feel guilty for being an ungrateful, spoiled, whiny houseguest.  I know I’m being mean. I really like these people, and I know they are trying so hard, but they are not why I’m here.


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