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Graduation and Salteñas
12-01-07, 1:09 am
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 Sparky and Jon´s graduation was tonight.  It was on Bolivian time.  It was supposed to begin at 8:00pm, but was about 45 minutes late.  People were still walking in at 9:15.  People actually were walking around most of the night taking photos and talking.  The graduates stood for the entire ceremony, and it was long and hot.  The kids were talking and texting on their cells, talking to each other, playing with their morterboards, etc.  It was cute.  Photographers took photos of the students as they were escorted by their parents down the aisle, and had them developed and ready to sell by the end of the ceremony.  The boys are out partying, and mom’s in bed with a migraine. She did a lot of work for tonight, she teaches at the school.   I even helped out a bit by taking photos of baby photos of the students for a Powerpoint show as they were walking up the aisle.   Taking photos and putting them on the computer is much faster and easier than scanning them.

I feel better tonight after sleeping a lot today. I was finally hungry tonight after about 3 days. (I’m either getting better, or the expired Claritin I found in my makeup bag is a wonder drug.)  We went out for pizza after graduation, and the pizza was great.  I only had one slice as I’m allergic to mushrooms and most of the pizza had ´shrooms.  I wanted more!

  I finally had a salteña today.  Sparky says they’re just the perfect food.   I really can’t tell, as it tasted like cardboard mostly.   I want to try them again now that hopefully my cold is going away.   I still think it’s a Bolivian empanada, but he swears it’s not.   The only difference is the salteña has the seam on top, and has more liquid inside.   I think I could make them at home.


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