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2 Good Days
12-03-07, 11:07 pm
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  Woo-hoo!  Had to get that out of my system.  Woo-hoo!

No forced family fun yesterday.  Dad came over, and he and the boys made a barbecue.  It was relaxing and low-key, just perfect for a lazy Sunday.   Later on, Sparky dropped his mom and the other boys off at the movies, and HE AND I went out by ourselves.   Woo-hoo!  

Ok, yeah, I had a slight meltdown earlier, and asked Sparky´s father about renting a car to go away.   I tried to explain that I am not used to being with several people, that I enjoy being alone or with one other person.  I am certain I hurt their feelings, and they also think I am weird.  I feel bad because I know they are trying really hard.  I tried hard too, and 2 weeks was my limit.

So, Sparky and I went and had dinner, then a drink, and then picked the family up from the movies.  I was very happy to have a few hours alone with him.   We were supposed to have all day today, too.  That´s a bit difficult as Sparky slept until noon or later.  I didn’t wake him up, as he´s a pain in the ass to wake up.  My choice.  We had lunch with the family, then took the boys to buy the parrots.  We drove to meet Ian´s family, and Jon joined us there.  They are really lovely people. We came for tea, and stayed three hours.  We came home, and the boys are out for the evening.  I think everyone is happy. 

 I feel much better about being here with Sparky.  I told him I was unhappy, and I really wasn´t sure why I didn´t love Santa Cruz.  He wants me to tell him when I figure it out.  We really weren´t alone much today, but I feel closer to him now.  We talk like we used to, and I´ve really missed that closeness.  I am grateful it´s not too late.

News: The proposed constitution also would grant more autonomy to the country’s indigenous majority, municipalities and provinces; install a run-off system in presidential elections; and require government workers to speak an indigenous language.


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