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Darth the Parrot
12-03-07, 10:50 pm
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 The parrots don’t have names yet.  Yes, parrots.  We purchased two parrots at a street market today.  The woman had parrots, puppies, and turtles.  The woman next to her on the sidewalk had a parrot, chickens, and an armadillo for sale.   We bought a boy and a girl parrot.  The male is evil.  (Ok, not really, just scared to death.)  He escaped from his box, and tried to get out of the car.   He bit my hand, and drew blood, and he bit Sparky´s brother on the back of the neck.  We just rolled the windows up, and let Darth the Parrot walk around in the car till we got home.  We dropped the parrots off, and Sparky and I left again while his mom was still sleeping.  She was expecting A parrot, not a pair of parrots.  Apparently, the little buggers are biting (tasting?) lots of wood trim and furniture in the house.  They don’t have a cage, they’re free to climb out of their box if they wish.   The seller had them in a big bag like a pillowcase.  They were 30 Bolivianos each-that’s about $8.00 for the pair. 

Oh yeah, I hope I don’t get parrot rabies!

Edited to add: Sparky’s mom has excellent English, and made it really easy for me to communicate with her.  She mistakenly said ‘carrot’ for parrot once, and told the boys she gave them permission to buy a carrot, not a parrot.


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