Wry Exchange

12-06-07, 10:18 pm
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 After I was evicted from the house Tuesday morning, I had a really busy day.

Jon, Jen, and I ate lunch with  my counterpart, and it was lovely.  Then we toured the American school in Santa Cruz.  It is near the US Consulate compound, and looks like a typical US school building.  The teachers and books are from the states.  I stopped at the American Airlines office to change my ticket so I could leave Wednesday morning instead of Thursday midnight.  Then I was dropped off for tea with one of my former students and her family.  Next was a visit with another former student’s parents, and then to the home of the first student to meet her father.   Then I went to a birthday party for another former student where we had tacos, and met back up with Jen and Jon.  After the party, Jen, Jon, and I went out for a bit.  They were very kind to me after a tough day.  Before this trip, Jon was always just Sparky’s friend.  I got to know him as his own person on this trip.  I like him.  He’s funny, and always means well.   The good intentions aren’t always well thought out, but he tries.   Jen has stayed true to herself, and I’m impressed with her, too.  She hasn’t had an easy time in Santa Cruz, but has toughed it out.  (another psycho hostmom.  She’s moved now.)

I grabbed the morning flight to Miami yesterday morning, overnighted in Miami, had a great Peruvian dinner, went to Chicago this morning, and home to snow this afternoon.  I missed Husband so much.  I was very happy to see him.  REALLY HAPPY.  The dogs jumped and wiggled, and then sniffed every single thing I brought into the house. 

About that eviction, Sparky tossed me out of the house.  Honest.  No shit.   Sunday and Monday were really good.  We talked and reconnected.  He was going with Jon and I to the luncheon Tuesday.  I woke him up, and we started bickering.  He said he wasn’t going with us.  I was supposed to stay with the birthday girl Tuesday night, so I asked him if he’d like me to return Wednesday as late as possible.  He said ‘yes.’  Then I asked if he’d prefer if I just left now, he didn’t answer.  He just started walking, so I said ‘I asked you a question.’  He replied ‘I’m getting your suitcases.’  He took them both out to the sidewalk, and went back in the house.   His mom brought him to the airport to say ‘farewell’,  poor woman.   It wasn’t anyone’s finest moment.

I’m happy to be home, but not this way.  I have lots of thinking to do.  I’m not angry with Sparky at all, but have many regrets.   I just got home, and have been thinking for the entire trip home. I gave away my books, magazines, and Ipod, so I didn’t have much else to do. ;) I was in Santa Cruz as a guest of my program. As this was my initial visit to Bolivia, I concentrated more on people than places. If and when I return, then I’ll travel to learn more about the country. I want to see La Paz and Cochabamba to learn, and Potosi because it’s history fascinates me. The weather and uncertaincy about protests and militarization deterred travel as well.


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