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12-07-07, 2:10 pm
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 This blog is anonymous.  All you know about me is what I’ve written.  Maybe I lie, maybe I fib.   After all, this is the Internet.  Perhaps I don’t live in Appalachia with my husband and dogs.  I could be a crazy cat lady living in Vegas,  a bored schoolgirl in Dubai, or a retired missionary living the expat life in Venezuela.  

I never mention the name of the program I volunteer for, my location, or real names.  I have no desire to hurt anyone, and if you don’t like what I write, don’t read it.  This is a niche blog, there aren’t many (any?) blogs written for exchange students and host families.  I write this for me, and for the hundreds ten people around the world who enjoy reading it.  I wrote about Bolivia because I knew it would be a huge experience for me, and I wanted to share it.   It would’ve been absurd and disrespectful to substitute another country.  Please don’t assume you know me or who I am because I wrote about my trip.  Coincidences happen in life.  I’m off to pray, feed the cats, and do my homework.

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please do enlighten me on what prompted this…

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