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A Little Reverse Culture Shock
12-08-07, 10:23 pm
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 I’ve been home for 2 days, and it seems so strange to me.  I wasn’t gone all that long, but new behavior doesn’t take long to turn into daily, typical habit.  I get hungry on South American times, not my time.  I haven’t used a hair dryer since I left, but since it’s in the 20’s now, I had to dry my hair before I left the house.   I really feel decadent just throwing the tp in the toilet instead of a little waste-can.  I was down to using 2 squares, and now I’m using more.  (I really wanted to ask someone how do you use tp when you have diarrhea, but who the hell would I ask?  It was gross any way I tried. I asked about using the bidet, but no one uses it.  At P’s house, his grandma used to use it to wash her feet.) 

I’ve lost time.  In my mind, it’s still mid-November here at home, not 2 weeks until Christmas.  I’ll put the tree up tomorrow.  I have a lot (all) of Christmas shopping to do.  I went to the mall today, and it was so crowded.  I’ll do the rest of my shopping online.  Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle are popular brands in Santa Cruz, and I bought the boys leather necklaces with charms.  They are the same price here as in Bolivia.   Twenty dollars is a lot more money in Bolivia though.   I left home, and my outdoor plants were still alive.  I came home to 4 inches of snow.   I have to find my hiking boots among all the flipflops.  I have to dig out my Winter clothes, and put my Summer clothes away.

The house looks great.  Husband is a better housewife than I’ll ever be.  The floors are clean and nonfurry.  The dishes and clothes are all clean and put away.   We have a new toaster and TV.  The TV confuses me, but I didn’t want to wake Husband to ask how to switch between satellite and antenna channels.   He and the dogs did have a new sleeping arrangement, and I’ve had to push my way into bed the last 2 nights.  The dogs really have enjoyed the extra roominess.  I think they missed me, but they got along fine without me. 


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