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Bolivia Update-Sparky & Darth
12-12-07, 1:27 pm
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 Darth the parrot ran away.  When Sparky bought him, the vendor clipped about 5 feathers on his left wing.  He could fly, but not too well.  I guess a week of eating and drinking gave him strength-anything would be better than being stuffed in a plastic pillowcase in 90 degree heat and humidity.  Sparky IM’d me that the parrot ‘ran away.’ I just pictured a little green parrot packing an apple slice and a nut and running up the sidewalk.  Maybe he’ll return to break out his sister!   My parrot bite is almost healed.  It won’t leave a scar since it’s on the ball of my thumb.  A small scar would’ve been a great story.   ‘That little thing?  Oh, it’s just from a street parrot in Bolivia that bit me trying to escape from a car.’

So back to the Sparky IM’d me.  Got your attention, huh?   I sent a Christmas box to Sparky and family Monday.   I texted him to look for it in a few weeks.   He IM’d back a ‘Thank You,’ and we started chatting about nothing.   Was it manipulative to mail a box?  Perhaps, but I didn’t expect anything but a perfunctory ‘Thank you’ when he received the box.   I wanted to send him a Christmas gift and card.  I also included about 75 photos, and gifts for his brothers, Jon, and his mom.   I love to choose and send gifts to the kids.  I don’t like them to spend their money on us, but LOVE to receive handwritten letters from them.  (so far, everything sent to Jon and Jen has made it to them.  Europe’s usually good, too.  I’ve lost packages in Chile before.)

We finally got around to IM’ing about the eviction.  His memory is quite different.  He said no one kicked me out of the house, and that I ran away.  He said I changed the story to avoid guilt or responsibility.  (Keep in mind the kid is an accomplished liar.  He is really good at getting me to doubt myself.)  So, now what?  Do I believe he honestly believes that?  Could it have been a huge misunderstanding?  Is he just screwing with me?   I don’t know.  I don’t care.   He’s still just a kid,  and it’s so much more important to me that I don’t lose him.   I wasn’t angry that day, and I’m not angry now.  I was incredibly sad, and now I’m happier.  We’ll talk it out sometime, but for now, I’m just going to let it go. 

EDIT: I IM’d with Sparky’s brother tonight. Darth’s sister ran away, too.  He said they ran up the tree, and over the fence.   Parrot escapees!   They will try again, with younger parrots.  This pair were 2-3 months old. 


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