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12-12-07, 8:50 pm
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  •   Little nothings that didn’t fit any other posts.
  • I found a TSA notice inside one of my suitcases stating they had gone through it.  I didn’t think anything until I started unpacking.  One of the wine bottles came in a presentation tin, and the lid was off.  I packed 2 aluminum bottles of Paceña beer for Husband to try, and they were missing.
  • My other suitcase was wet, and smelled like white vinegar.  Whatever broke wasn’t mine, everything inside was dry and in excellent condition.   I was never charged an overweight fee, and I was always over the 23K/50lb limit.
  • American Airlines notified me they won’t refund my $163.00 for the second bag that I had to pay to LAN.  They offered me a $175.00 voucher good for one year.  I told them I didn’t want the voucher, I wanted a refund.   They rescinded the voucher offer, asked for my receipt, and will request a refund from LAN.   I’m sure that’ll happen.
  • Hall’s square coughdrops are available in Bolivia.  The flavor I liked best isn’t available here.  It was blackberry or blueberry and purple in color. 
  • Also available in the grocery check-out lanes-individual condoms.  One brand advertised it’s ‘German Quality.’ 
  • Cigarettes are available in small boxes of 10, or as singles.
  • If you buy a Coke or Sprite from a street vendor, sometimes it comes in a glass bottle.  You stand there to drink it, and give the bottle back.
  • Iced tea is available in Bolivia, but has nothing in common with iced tea here.  I ordered it at 2 different pubs, and it comes in a pilsener glass.  It’s creamy and foamy, and only slightly tastes tea-like.  It’s good, but not iced tea.   (It’s like what people say about coffee in Chile.  It’s a tasty beverage, as long as you don’t call it coffee.)
  • No free soda refills.  Most of the kids mentioned how much they miss free refills from the states.  Most of them also miss Taco Bell and McDonald’s.
  • I burn easily, but I hardly used sunscreen.  The days were often sunny, but I didn’t burn.  I never tan, but can get sun poisoning in 10 minutes sometimes.  That was strange.
  • I was told not to drink the water.  I drank only bottled water, but I brushed my teeth with sink water, and ate fruits and vegetables rinsed with sink water without problems. (It’s the same advice I give to new FES’s here.)   I was sick, but it wasn’t from the food or water, just a cold. 
  • The water pressure in Bolivia was wonderful-really strong.  I missed it when I returned home.  In Chile, I can probably spit harder, the water practically dribbles.
  • Please don’t rely on any advice from me about Bolivia and Chile.  Keep in mind the parable about the blind men and the elephant.  I only saw one small part of Bolivia, for a limited time, with a few people.

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