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12-14-07, 9:25 pm
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  Chorrillana is my death row last meal.  The best chorrillana comes from J. Cruz in Valparaiso, Chile.  Chorrillana is a mix of grease and salt that’s heavenly.  On a bed of french fries sits a layer of  fried onions with scrambled eggs, and on top is diced, sliced beef that’s been sauted in (probably) butter and red wine.   The liquid from the meat and onions pools under the fries.  The dish is served with a side of red pepper sauce and sliced bread to sop up the juices.  I don’t like eggs, but it’s easy to pretend these are soft, mild cheese.  They’re soft and a bit stringy.   I’ve been known to sneak in a small bottle of vinegar for the fries.   

 If you go to Valparaiso, you MUST go to J. Cruz.  It’s a little hole in the wall, up an alley.  They only serve chorrillana and a wide variety of drinks.  Your choice is only what size platter to order.  The dish is served communally.  Take a big magic marker with you to sign your name on the walls, ceiling, chairs, or showcases.  Everyone does it.  Take time to look at all the antiques in the restaurant.  Enjoy the old man singing and playing guitar.  Just breathe in the atmosphere.

Bolivia has a similar dish, and it’s only improved by adding tomatoes.  Sparky also pours a bit of beer over his.  I’ll edit in the name later.

It’s not the Mexican dish by the same name.  That one is a seafood dish with tomatoes, fish, vegetables

The new J. Cruz in Santiago is located at Rancagua 0438, Providencia. Telephone: 341 8523.  It’s just not the same, but the chorrillana is still great.  The new restaurant has writing everywhere, but no antiques.  It’s in an old house, and reminds me of a frat version that’s trying too hard to be cool.


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AH i just got back from a semester in chile and was living in valparaíso. i went to j.cruz four or five times per week during my last month in valpo, LO MEJOR! i’m so happy to have stumbled upon a website with contributions from others who have experienced the savory perfection that is j.cruz’s chorrillana. and, for any harry potter fans, the way i described the location of j.cruz to first-timers? diagon alley. 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

I so agree! j. cruz makes the best chorrillana! I lived in Chile from 1995-1996 and I miss the food! This was one of my favorites and I loved j. cruz!!!!!

Comment by Wendi Messner

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