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Gifts for Students Living Abroad
12-17-07, 4:03 pm
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It’s way too late to mail anything, and it’s iffy this time of year anyway.  Go to Amazon.com, and see if they have an Amazon.whatever country the student is living in.   I went to Amazon.de to send a gift certificate to a student in Germany.  I don’t know German, but I know Amazon.  I did ok until the amount.  I put in 15 Euros for the amount, but when I got to the confirm/checkout page, 225 Euros was listed.  I’ll have to wait until another German speaker gets online to help me.

If the country doesn’t have an Amazon.com, Google ‘department store’ for that country.  They should have a website, so you can send a gift certificate or choose a gift, and have one sent from in-country.

If that doesn’t work, send a phone card from online, put money into his Paypal account, or give the parents the money to put on FES’s debit card.  Send me comments or suggestions, and I’ll put them up for everyone to read.

 Edit: Check out this post from a few days ago for gift suggestions for FES’s in the US now.   Poor M had to order his own gift.  He asked me what to write on the card.  Too funny.


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The german student appreciated his gift VERY much! 😀
His favorite thing about it, was that he had to buy it himself, because Wry cant speak german hahaha. but he loves Wry very much and she is awesome! even though she dosnt share her awesomeness with everyone cause her awesomeness is private XD

Comment by M

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