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My Hanukkah Bush
12-17-07, 12:41 am
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Short version-Tree’s up.

 Wry version-I wasn’t going to put the Hanukkah bush up this year.  I had a good excuse, since I just returned from over 3 weeks away, and had all the Christmas shopping to do.  Then our son Chef said he was arriving the 22nd for 2 months to do another internship with Husband.  Hurray!  So, I dragged out the 7 foot Hanukkah bush.  (I worked for a business that went bankrupt.  The owners let us take uh, stuff home.  They are Jewish, and didn’t want the tree.  We all called it The Hanukkah Bush.  It’s gorgeous, and I grabbed it first.)

As I put the branches on, I wove the lights through to the center and back out.  I ran out of lights, and had to run out and buy more.  As soon as I finished, I sat down to admire my work.  It was beautiful, just glowing from within.  I made a phone call, and one of the dogs squished between me and the tree, and the lights half went out.  Husband had to get a flashlight the next morning to find the loose plug.  Grr, bad dog!    I put all the ornaments on tonight, and I always put bells and bell ornaments along the bottom branches.  The bells used to scare the dogs, but now the jingles just let me know to yell at them to leave the tree alone.  Bad dog was playing with a toy, and it rolled under the tree.  The bells jingled, but as he walked into a different room, it sounded like HE was jingling.  He was.  He’s happy, and his tail is almost always straight up in the air.  He had one of the bells caught on his back, and his tail was holding it on.  The dog was walking, and looking at his tail, wondering ‘Why is my butt jingling?’  It was funny.  They’ve already each chomped an ornament-both wooden.  Dumb ass dogs.

PS: Chef isn’t coming for Christmas.  (Bet you already guessed that.)  He got an internship at home.  It’s in his chosen field, which is the same as Husband’s. Just another day here in paradise.

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