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So, you Googled What to Get Here?
12-23-07, 11:42 pm
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I like seeing what people type into search engines to get to my site.  Below are some of the search terms for the last week or so.  Most of them show up multiple times.   I get the normal ones such as : bolivia sucks, what clothes should I bring to Tenerife,  husbands with dissociative disorder, , hoo is the president or leader in Bolivia, or how to tell a student she smells.   I think people would have better results if they spelled better.  “Who” is better than “hoo.”
GAY-gay people and exchange students, gay host parents exchange student, gay exchange students, gay foreign exchange students, gay foreign exchange program
SEX-nude exchange students, 15 years old girli porn, porn Exchange Students 4, dating exchange student who has girlfriend, exchange Students 4 porn
DUH-exchange student wont obey rules, what we call the people from chile, can i use my american coffee maker in chile, how to discuss hygiene husband
WTF-can a black person travel to south america,  palta marijuana argentina, grandma died, grandma pissy, mule coasters
And about once a day: who maked my water hard.  Funny picture - Who maked my water go hard?  From I can has Cheezburger.com

EDITED TO ADD: christmas gift for a spoiled bitch   Is that just the best Christmas Eve search ever!?

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