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01-02-08, 12:22 am
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Husband and I had three houseguests for New Year’s Eve.  We’re still temporarily hosting FES1, so we suggested that FES2 and FES3 come over to celebrate.   Husband and I invited a few dear friends to ring in the new year.  Everyone should’ve been happy. 

  FES1 asked the other day “What do you do for New Year’s Eve?”   I said ‘Not much.  We have a few friends over, visit and chat, everyone toasts at 12:00am, finishes their drink and conversation, then go home.”  FES1-“No, really.  What do you do?”  Much laughter from me.  I called Husband, and he told FES1 the same.

Last night, we hosted three pissy FES’s.  I took 2 of them home late this afternoon, and FES1 still hasn’t been downstairs at all today.   Sorry, children.  Lather, rinse, repeat-“It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.”  I tried.  They had a phone card to call their parents, plenty of food and drink, several computers, guitars, etc.

 The dogs love visitors.  They had a great time bumming food, and receiving lots of hugs and pets.  Santa brought them rawhide candy canes, and the UPS man gave them doggy bones.   Our rescue Doberman is a ‘velcro dobie.’  He leans into people for petting.   He’s pretty laid-back, but has a few quirks.  He HATES walking on grass.  He tiptoes around the edges of the yard to avoid grass.  Husband enjoys standing in the center of the yard calling for the dog.  Love Husband, hate grass, love, hate, aaack!    He can’t stand to be wet-he hates baths, snow, and rain.  I keep an old towel by the door to dry him off when I toss him out to ‘go’- he’s usually out all of 30 seconds.   We laugh that he’s an urban dog.   (Our other dog is happy to be outside, he’ll sit or lay down in the rain, roll in the mud, snorfle snow, and just romp forever.)   Dobermans are smart, loyal, obedient, friendly, good with children and cats, and just sweet dogs.   Husband and I have been owned by six Dobermans through the years.  They’ve all had unique personalities and energy levels.  Our dobies have varied from 45 pounds to 100 pounds.  We’ve had black and red ones, males and females, the only thing they had in common was none of them had cropped ears.   They look cute with floppy ears, and people don’t realize they’re Dobermans right away.   Dobies have reputations as mean dogs, but really, ours have all been big babies. 

Edited to finish the thought:  Please consider adopting, hosting, or donating to help rescue Dobermans.  There are several Doberman rescue groups across the USA.  


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