Wry Exchange

Still a Temp Host Family
01-02-08, 3:04 pm
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FES1 has been here for 10 days.   I am responsible for finding FES a new host family.  The people who were responsible for FES finally told me Sunday they can’t find a host family, please do it for us.  Not surprising, and I’m happy to have closure.  I handed the phone to FES so the could repeat it.  The man only said we think you should be in a new school.  He didn’t tell the kid ‘………and in a new town/area.’  I had to clarify all of it for the student.  Wusses.   I hope they at least go to the old school to sign the withdrawal papers since it’s over an hour away for me, and I wasn’t the counselor for that area.   Did I write before that no one from the area called to say ‘sorry’ ‘how ya doin’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ to the child?  That’s about the only thing that pissed me off.

The student did nothing wrong, and is a good ambassador.   It just sucks to be uprooted at Christmas time.   We can’t keep the student, as volunteers we shouldn’t host.   It’s ok for us to be a respite or emergency family temporarily.  The student experienced a lot of stress, and it’s a good idea to keep the kid nearby Husband and me.   Truthfully, I’m ready for the student to move to a permanent home.  FES is sweet, quiet, and almost invisible.   I don’t know why, but I’m not sleeping well, and I’m binge eating.  I’ve been so good lately, too.  Boo. 


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