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01-04-08, 2:06 am
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 Leave me comments, please.  Tell me you like something, tell me I’m boring you.  Tell me I bitch too much.  Tell me to write something useful or informative.

 If you don’t leave comments because I have the moderation on, please don’t let it stop you.  I hold the comments for review only because this is an anonymous blog.  Some of my friends and students use my real name or their name, and I edit to mask identity.  I let comments go through that I don’t agree with, but I may will make fun of the comment. Edited to add: Well, that was rude of me, to invite you to comment but promise to make fun of you.  I’ll be a good girl, and promise not to make fun of you.  Damn, my fingers just want to type ‘too much’ at the end of the sentence.   I’m sorry, I really wasn’t thinking, and was just trying to be funny.

Husband was reading my blog last night, and I wanted him to leave feedback.  It drives me nuts when he reads it, and doesn’t say anything.  I felt bad, and really wanted a comment.  (I don’t know why his opinion is so important.  I’m weird.)  Anyhoo, when I logged on this morning, a lovely comment from a student was waiting to be approved.  It was so sweet, it almost brought warmth to my cold, shriveled, black heart.  Thank you, PinkCatM.

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Since you are soliciting comments, I’ll leave three.

First of all, I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed following your blog. You allow the person you are to come through your writing (that is a compliment!)

Lately, though, there have been two disappointments, so this article is spurring me on to make two further comments.

The first disappointment is actually this article. If you are interested in hearing different points of view, stating that you are going to make fun of comments you don’t agree with is counter-productive.

The second disappointment is your article “This Host Family Sucked!, Part 2.” If you have first-hand knowledge of the situation, then what I am writing is irrelevant; however, unless I missed something, your knowledge is the same as mine.

And that knowledge is a an article in a paper, some blogs that picked up on it, and a response to your blog from someone who claims to have some first-hand information. In other words, you and I don’t really know what happened. My own belief is that the truth probably lies somewhere in between the two stories.

I don’t understand how you can call Sparky an accomplished liar, but accept the word of a student you don’t even know, completely dismissing someone else’s side of the story. In any case, the condescending tone you took with the author put an end to any possible discussion about a problem in student exchange and was certainly discouraging to any further comments being made on your blog.

Comment by Theo

Hi, Theo. Thank you for your comments. I solicited comments because I want to know who is reading this niche blog, and what you all think I should write more or less about. OK, and probably because I was feeling sorry for myself last night, too.
I agree it was a bit too snarky, actually rude, asking for comments, and then stating I’d make fun of them. I’ll edit the post.
I know nothing about the ‘This Family Sucked’ other than what I wrote. It really upset me, mostly because I’ve known other families and situations like this. It’s not that uncommon. A large part of why I hit it so hard is it’s the kid’s fault for not helping himself. When there is a problem, TELL SOMEONE. Too many students try to ignore problems, or deal with them on their own.
Sparky knows I have a bad memory, and he uses it. In my mind, I see a clear difference between the situations.
Part of my problem here is that I named my inbound students this year, and I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t talk about their challenges because I don’t want their host families reading it online. I don’t want to violate either the kids or their families privacy. A few of this year’s host families know about this blog, so I can’t even mask the identities. That’s hampered me from talking about some issues that are similar to the one in the article.
I have little to no patience for exchange programs that pay the families or coordinators, or give them ‘prize points.’ I also dislike people trying to force or strongly share their religion with a FES.

Comment by Wry

I have a perverse view of my blog – I want people to read and comment, and at the same time I don’t want anyone to read (or if they do, don’t say anything). I have a stupid fear of people (random people I don’t even know and will never meet!) being angry with me. Why? Maybe I need a shrink – or not to be a blogger. Theo’s comment to me would have sent me running for some Tums to fix the acid build-up. I would have fretted all weekend.

Do you REALLY want more comments? I can write nice ones if you like for you since I always like what you write. 🙂 I usually discuss it all with my husband, but then I don’t write all that here. Wonder why – guess my blogging perversion with commenting.

Comment by colorblindcupid

I do want more comments. I want to know what people think, whether it’s nice or not. I could always learn from constructive criticism.

I also want to know who is reading what I write. I only average about a hundred people daily on the site, and I know they can’t all be people I know reading it in case I ask them if they follow it. 🙂

Thanks for telling me you discuss my writings with your husband, that’s really cool. Just comment if you want, when you want.

Comment by Wry

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