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01-05-08, 12:25 am
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Well, the Christmas tree is down.  It came down rather quickly, thanks to Baddog .   Our Lab was playing, and we heard ‘WHOOSH’, then ‘THUD‘, then the sound of breaking glass.   We don’t know what he was doing, he was quiet just before the tree fell.  I don’t think the tree committed suicide.   FES and I cleaned it up.  Husband came home about 90 seconds after it happened.  We took photos, laughed, and cleaned up the mess.  We lost about 15 glass ornaments, some almost 30 years old.   The Doberman hid, and Bad Lab kept trying to walk through the glass.  I smacked his butt with a wooden spoon a few times.  He looked at me, and wagged his tail. 

Tomorrow is the first meeting with all the new outbound students.  I haven’t seen many of our inbounds since the end of October.  I’ll be interested in hearing their English, and seeing how they’re progressing here in the states. 

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LOL. Once we cut down a tree in the woods for Christmas (thinking it would be more fun I guess?). It smelled like cat piss and was extremely prickly and full of sap. Apparently it was also the home for a squirrel who laid still until we got it in the house. The tree went up – squirrel started moving, our cat saw it and up the tree the cat went, shaking off ornaments as she went. It was very National Lampoon’s. We never got an au natural tree again (back to the nice tree farm).

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