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FES is Moving on
01-07-08, 7:24 pm
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 Merry Christmas!  Today is Orthodox Christmas, and I hope those of you celebrating have a great day.  I grew up observing 2 Christmases, and if my mother finds out my tree is down, I’m toast.   Hmm, would it be entirely bad if she disowned me?

FES is moving out tomorrow.  The potential host family gave me a ‘yes’ Saturday morning.   FES has been running around the house taking photos of the dogs, the house, and Husband.   The child is moving a mile away.  Ian is on the shitlist.  FES told Ian the reason for switching towns.  Ian ‘only told one person.’  The entire Senior class knows why, and it’s embarrassing.  FES did nothing wrong, but there are some things you want to keep private.  I gave Ian a new English word to look up today-betray.   Sparky said if he was in that situation, he’d just laugh it off, and say ‘Yep, that’s me.’   Sparky’s scrappy,  Ian’s an idiot, and FES is naive.   I ran to the school to talk to the principal and secretary so they know the story in case they hear rumors.  Ah, life in a small town.


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