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01-08-08, 8:31 pm
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 Havaianas are the best flipflops in the world.  I don’t like to wear shoes, and live in flipflops as much as possible.  I am a flipflop connoisseur.  (Check out flipfloptrunkshow.com)  Havaianas are much more comfortable and springy than any other flipflop.  I can walk all day in them-as a tourist in Washington, DC or the woods in Bolivia.   They last forever, and I will toss them in the washer to perk them up when they get dingy.   They’re only 3 or 4 dollars if bought in South America, but will sell for 12-18 dollars here in the states.
 I have a serious Havaianas habit.    I have metallics, country flags, two-tones, flowers, dots, and traditional ones.  I must own 2 dozen pairs in all colors.  Husband knows of my obsession.   All least they’re cheap, it could be Louboutins I covet.  

Edited to add:  Husband just read the post, so now I can change that 2 dozen to um, a few more.  Many of the South American exchange students bring me Havaianas as a gift.  They’re inexpensive and lightweight.  For example, I have the ones with the small Brasilian flag on the strap in white, black, green, and 2 pairs in Blue.   I have most of those colors without the flag, too.  I didn’t buy any on this trip.   Damn those Bolivians with their tiny feet!!  I couldn’t find any cute ones in my size.
 The Zori (a Japanese style sandal with thongs) was the inspiration for the creation of the Havaianas sandal in 1962. The name Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas), Portuguese for Hawaiians.
 Havaianas can be purchased from Agua Viva, Ebay, Nordstrom, Amazon.com, Urban Outfitters, and surf stores.    Please check sizes, as they use Brasilian sizing, not European sizing. 


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