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Cell Phone Charges
01-10-08, 1:00 am
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 Last month’s cell phone bill arrived today.  The prices from my US cell phone were  $2.29 a minute in Bolivia, $3.49 a minute in Chile.  It’s high, but not too terribly bad for emergency use.  The only special international feature is international texting for .50 cents a text.   I liked having my phone with me, I felt independant with it.  It was important since Sparky’s home phone couldn’t make calls, just receive them.  His and Jon’s cellphones could only receive calls most times too as the boys were broke.
My two largest calls were the 36 dollar chat on the Sunday of my long walk in Santa Cruz, and-Husband’s  8 minute call to Chile when I finally arrived. for $28.00.
Edited to clarify that Sparky’s home and cell phone problems are because of a divorce in progress, not anything to do with his country.

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