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New Potential Outbounds
01-10-08, 11:21 pm
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 Our first meeting with all the new kids was over the weekend.   I loved it because it was so crowded.  We have our smallest group of inbound students ever this year.  We have over 2 dozen new outbound applicants.  Husband and I have looked around saying ‘Where are the rest of them?’ when they’re all right there.  (We have to keep an eye out for ‘culture sharing.’)  This meeting was big, noisy, and chaotic; just the way I like it. 

I have several students assigned to my countries.  I’m happy to say they all mingled well.   A few of the new kids kept to themselves, and didn’t try to integrate or meet new people.  That’s a warning sign for exchange students.  FES’s spend an entire year with new people and situations.   I haven’t read through all their applications yet.  I have concerns about one or two of the students.   I’ll watch them at the next few meetings, and monitor their Facebook and MySpace pages.   The kids don’t understand everything is a test.   I learn a lot from Facebook and MySpace pages.   Even though I’m anonymous,  I don’t have references to hangovers and skanky behavior on here.  (I know, you’re all disappointed.)


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