Wry Exchange

Outbound Country Assignments

 Well, surprise, surprise.  At our exchange student meeting last Saturday, we (people who set up the exchanges with other countries.)  expected to meet the students who are going to our countries.  The kids didn’t know where they were going!  It’s January! 

The students are usually told to write down their top three country choices, and write a paragraph defending and explaining their choices.  That paper is included with their application.   After interviews, the kids are usually advised to go home, think about it, and let us know your final choices within 2 weeks.   The countries are assigned after the updates are received.  Almost all of the students change at least the country order, and many of them change countries and continents completely.   Two of our committee members speak with each student and family individually on interview day explaining choices and making suggestions.    I’ve said before that a lot of the kids initially want to go to France, Germany, Spain, or Italy because they’ve heard of those countries, or their language teacher suggested it.

This year, the students didn’t email in their final choices.   When we all arrived for the meeting, a paper was passed around with the students’ names, and one, two, or three countries listed.   I walked around looking for the students who wrote any South American country, and each kid changed their answer.  The students near them who heard me ask changed their countries, too.    The students were asked for their final choices three times Saturday night.  What a mess.   (I was just twitching to jump in and fix everything.  Repeat itsnotmyjobitsnotmyjob.)

I left the meeting with applications for seven students.  Four of them have been assigned  a country.  I have three students, and they will be assigned between Argentina and Chile.   I couldn’t make a decision based on who handed their application in fully completed the earliest as suggested.  I have to read the applications, and see who would have the best year in the best country for the student.


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