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01-15-08, 3:24 pm
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 It rained in the Atacama desert in Chile yesterday-1mm.  Residents experienced power outages and leaky roofs.  Some cities near Iquique set up emergency shelters, but people toughed it out, and didn’t use them.  The Atacama is the driest desert in the world, but really people, one millimeter?
I made chicken soup yesterday.  A great trick I learned from achilena cook is to add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to each bowl of soup.  The soup doesn’t taste like lemon-although I love Greek avgolemono soup.  Husband thinks it brings out the chicken flavor, and I think it makes the soup taste brighter and cleaner, if you can understand that. 
The Chilean peso yesterday was worth 470.   I remember not so many years ago when it was almost 800 to one dollar.  We have friends coming from Chile to visit in March.  They are buying dollars now.   They are excited that their money will stretch a lot more this trip.  
Santa brought me a new book about Chilean Spanish- Chilenismos: A Dictionary and Phrasebook for Chilean Spanish  Chilean isn’t quite the same as Spanish. (my opinion)  I’ve been told the Chilean dialect came about because the country was so isolated for such a long time by the ocean to the West and South, and the great Andes mountains to the East.  Makes sense, and it’s a fun book to read. 


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