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Lunesta, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Adderall, etc.
01-15-08, 11:20 pm
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It’s Winter, grey, cold, dark, and dreary.  Just like my mopey mood lately.  I have a psychiatrist appointment Thursday. 

  •   I’m sleeping more, but not well.  I’ve restarted my Lunesta sleeping pills.  I was doing so well.  I’ve probably used them 5 times in 2.5 months.   I’ve been taking 2 hours at minimum to fall asleep, and if I wake up, another 2 to fall back asleep.  I’ve also had that weird problem again where I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or awake.  It seems like I’m awake, but then when I really wake up, I was sleeping and dreaming about not being able to sleep.  If you think it’s confusing to read, try living it.   I like Lunesta, it’s not addictive, and I have no side effects.  The only weird thing for me is it takes at least 5 hours to kick in, so I take it as early as 6:00 or 7:00pm.  Within a half-hour of taking it, I get delightfully dizzy, but not sleepy until about midnight. 
  • Zoloft went to generic last year.  I now take ‘Sertraline.’  It’s supposed to be the same.  Bullshit.  100mg of Zoloft work so well for me, but 150mg of Sertraline isn’t consistent.  Zoloft is the med I really need for chemical imbalance.  It raises my serotonin levels. 
  • It’s about time for me to start taking Wellbutrin again.  I usually take it in the Winter when I need a boost-it’s good for SAD.  Wellbutrin helps balance the levels of neurotransmitters  dopamine and norepinephrine.
  • Adderall works better than Ritalin, but I only take a very few pills a week.  They don’t really help my concentration, but do help me stay alert.  They only last a few hours.

A dear friend told me when he read my whiny, bitchy posts about Bolivia, his first thought was ‘Sounds like she’s off her meds.’   The more I think about it, he may be right.  I was sick for several days.  I had diarrhea often, and couldn’t keep fluids in me.  I’m going to ask my Psychiatrist if it’s possible the Zoloft went right through me.  I am diligent about taking my Zoloft as prescribed.   I had all my pills with me like a crazy lady, including the vertigo pills for the off/on ear infection.  I brought almost all of them home except for the Zolofts.  I don’t like taking pills, but realize I need to take them.

I’m bi-polar and dissociative.  I still fight against it a lot of the time because I think it’s ‘all in my head’ and I should be able to get over it.  My crazy half argues with the sane half.  All of me argues with everyone else.  🙂   For me, the bi-polar is depression and anger.  I don’t get manic, which would be kinda cool-bursts of energy and creativity!  No, I get angry, can’t think straight, and argumentative.  I got gypped in the wacko department.


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how are you getting adderall in Bolivia?

Comment by molly

I live in the states, and just visited Bolivia.
The exchange students take a 90 day supply of meds with them initially, and then as others go back and forth we ask they take more. I took way more stuff for other people than I did for myself went I went down.
I’ve also sent meds down via mail, but I didn’t list them on the customs form.

Comment by Wry

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