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Husband and Christmas FES
01-18-08, 12:10 am
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 Husband sometimes eats breakfast with local contractors.  The group recently moved to a different restaurant.  When husband returns home from having coffee and getting caught up on the town’s gossip, he tells me about his morning.  Lately, he’s been a little short with me.  Today, he told me the new diner has FOX news on, and “Fox news gets me geeked up.”  It was so funny, and then he starting singing the old Don Henley song ‘Dirty Laundry’ ‘……they’ll tell about a plane crash with a gleam in their eye.’  He said the news is really biased, and the newscasters are women perfectly made-up, coiffed, with wide smiles during each story…..And they reported a plane crash this morning.

Husband and I went to my psychiatrist appointment this morning.  Husband stayed quietly in the waiting room, he always threatens to go in and tell on me.   I asked about the Zoloft not working if I was ill, and the doctor said it generally dissolves in the upper GI tract, but could possibly go through if things were moving along quickly.  

 Husband works as a consultant with water and waste-water, he tells me he observes pills daily in sewer plants in all colors, sizes, and shapes.  Wouldn’t you expect pills to break down quickly? Like long before they enter a sewer plant?  Husband says drugs are becoming a problem in the water industry as they are leaching into the groundwater.

Our surprise Christmas FES is back with us for 10 days as the new host parents went on vacation.  FES first question: “Did you miss me?”   Even better, host brother is picking FES up for school each morning so I don’t have to get my butt out of bed!!  FES loves the new school, and is making friends.  Host brother enjoys FES’ company, and they’ve gone to the mall, movies, and basketball games.


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