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Herschel Walker-Multiple Personalities?
01-19-08, 3:11 pm
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 Herschel Walker has multiple personalities according to a book that’s being published in August.  “Breaking Free” will chronicle Walker’s life with multiple personality disorder, according to Shida Carr, a publicist at Simon & Schuster.  I’ve read several news articles online today, but I can’t tell if it’s an autobiography or biography.

My first reaction?  Big Whoop.
Second reaction?  Wow, that was damn rude and mean of me.
Third reaction?  Good for him if it’s true.  If he shares his story with others, people will learn and understand. and not just immediately think of Sybil.

Multiple personality disorder, also known as dissociative identity disorder, is a rare mental condition in which one person has two or more distinct personalities, according to the Merck Manual of Medical Information.   I am dissociative, but I tend to think of it as being able to compartmentalize thoughts extremely well.  I’ll make jokes about the sane half of my brain talking to the crazy half, but I know I’m one person.   I have memories in my mind’s filing cabinets that I’ll probably never find, but big whoop, shit happens.   Husband loves me, and the dogs don’t care.  The kids just think I’m me.


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I feel the same. Good for him.

Revealing the fact that you have DID is not something you do if you are the sort of person who worries that people will make fun of you. Just check some of the sports blogs and you will see that this is already happening. He was sure to know that this would be the reaction, and yet went ahead with it anyhow. From what I have been able to gather, people say he is a straight-up kind of guy, and the last person who would do something like this simply for money or attention.

The up-side to this is the likelihood that a segment of the population ( sports fans, of all people!) who would *never* come to know about DID may now become educated about it.

I can only assume that this is Mr Walker’s purpose, and if so, he is the same good fellow that many people have said that he is.

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