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Facebook Funnies
01-22-08, 1:14 am
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 I love Facebook.  It’s fun and great way to stay in touch with many people.  I also use Facebook to monitor the little darlings.  I even tell them if they have a Facebook page, they have to ‘friend me’. 
A FES wrote this to one of the new kids. “going to school? in Chile? i don’t know if they have schools. Look how educated Wry Exchange is. And she is responsible of Chile. No wonder she chose it because she felt like its her country… no school, no education. haha (I’m just checking if she goes on all the facebook pages… if I’m still alive next month, it means she doesn’t…)”  New FES wrote back that yes, Wry does spot checks.  Idiot FES writes: “HAHAHA well then… if I’m not here at the next meeting… whatever what they say… “his grandma is sick” “he has been bitten by his dog”, you’ll know the real reason… please promise me to avenge me!”
Another one of my students will be going to Chile, somewhere within a few hours of Santiago. He needs a map of South America.  He wrote to one of the Bolivians that he hopes he’ll be near them in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Too bad for him those pesky Andes Mountains are in the way.
Facebook is a wonderful way for the students to meet and learn.  The current and former inbound and outbound students help the new students become part of the group.  Of course at this point, they’re just telling the newbies good places for a cheap drunk and how to curse.
Facebook has different groups for members to join.  Some are professional groups, others are college or high schools, some are political or to raise awareness, and some are just for fun. 

  • I Secretly Want To Punch Slow Walking People In The Back Of The Head
  • No, I Don’t Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter
  • .Damm i Wish BILL CLINTON was still in office
  • 10 symptoms of being a “Twilighter”
  • You know you’re chilean when
  • You’re not going to get laid in the middle of class, so stop wearing heels!
  • 1,000,000 Strong For Stephen T Colbert
  • If you remember this you grew up in the 90’s
  • I Am Fluent in Sarcasm
  • Svalbard: The country our teachers didn’t tell us about, and should have!
  • When I was your age, Pluto was a planet
  • Kiss Me, I’m Mennonite
  • Before Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel, and Mr. T there was Sean Connery
  • I Still Remember the Word That Knocked Me Out of the Spelling Bee
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