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Wrecked the Tank Today
01-22-08, 8:10 pm
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I’m so pissed off right now.  I killed the old tank today……or at least wounded her.  AS many times as people have hit that car, it never dents.  It’s a beast.
FES is sick, and wanted to go to the doctor today.  An urgent care center 40 minutes away takes walk-ins.  We went, FES tested negative for Strep Throat and Flu.  Flu is going around our area.  FES has tonsillitis, and received 2 prescriptions.   We fill the prescriptions, and start for home.    I like to drive fast when the roads are dry.  They weren’t dry today.
It snowed  hard this morning, but the roads are mostly clear. The secondary roads have snow and ice on them, and some drifted snow.  The temperature is at 32 and a little below.  I was driving through a small town with a 35mph when a pickup truck stopped in front of me to turn left without a turn signal, and I didn’t notice brake lights.   I started sliding in my German tank, and had lots of time to tell FES to hold on, and to make decisions.  A car was coming the other direction, and there was a shallow ditch to the right and mailboxes.  I swerved a little left and hit the back corner of the pickup truck with my front right side.  My car slid under their bumper and that’s what did the damage.
Absolutely no damage to the pickup truck at all.  My front right corner is bashed in, and I leaked radiator fluid.  My dear friend pointed out all the stray animals will lick it up and die because of me.  The poor old girl will be towed home tomorrow.  I hope Husband can fix it.  He can fix or build anything.   Another friend just happened past, and brought us home.

I have a headache and have been bawling like a weenie.  I’m really upset, and my typing and grammar are horrid.


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we can repair it – we can make it better – we can make it GO SLOWER !!!!!!!

Comment by master repairer

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