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Clothing, duh
01-24-08, 7:50 pm
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Our temporary FES is going to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday.  FES doesn’t have appropriate clothing.  FES just brought jeans and sweats from home, no nice clothes.  I send the kids emails-extensive emails- before they arrive.  One of the ‘Welcome to Appalachia’  emails is in English and translated into Spanish so there are no misunderstandings.  Including the italic sentences.    Clothing: You will need one dressy or formal outfit in addition to your uniform jacket. Many of the students own black suits. That is perfect, and appropriate for many occasions. The remainder of your clothing should just be casual.  Jeans are appropriate for school. Don’t bring your entire wardrobe; clothing is inexpensive here, and most students purchase a lot of clothing throughout the year. You will need warm clothing for part of the year, from October through April. We can have subzero winter weather (including snow) anytime from November to March, changeable weather in October and April; and warm weather May through September with daily high Summer temperatures of 28-38ºC.  Really, isn’t that clear?  I only ask for one nice outfit.  ONE.   For weddings, funerals, banquets, and dances. 

I probably shouldn’t be surprised though.  I’ve shovelled the walk twice today.  FES went to school today, the tonsillitis is getting better.  As I waited to pick up FES after school, a girl walked past me wearing flipflops, miniskirt, and belly shirt.  Several boys wore shorts today, and many students only had hoodies for a winter coat.  It wasn’t sunny, and the high was about 20 degrees. 

Husband finally looked at the tank today.  I was really worried; he didn’t want to see it yesterday.  I watched him go over it from an upstairs window.  I was too chicken to go out.  He told me it looks worse than it is.  The old girl ‘only’ needs a radiator, front grille, and the passenger headlight assembly.  The bumper and front quarter-panel weren’t touched, and the hood can be pounded flat.  ~sigh of relief~

FES’s new hostparents are due to return from vacation tonight.  Is it really evil of me to let them deal with the clothing issue?   Yes, I know it is. I’m going upstairs to see if we have something to pull together an outfit.  We have lots of spare sweaters, hoodies, and coats for students, but not too many good clothes.  Except ties for boys.  Hah!  The guys need to wear ties for one dinner, and about half of them ‘forget’ to bring a tie with them.  Husband takes about 10 ties with him, and tells them to pick a color.  Their little faces just fall.   Old age and treachery beat youth and beauty again. Then Husband ties their ties for them.

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