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New Exchange Students-Prepare Body
01-29-08, 11:55 pm
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Dear Newbies, 
You have about 6 months before you leave the states.  The time will fly by.  Begin preparing now. 

  • Start biking, running or taking long, brisk walks.  People in the US walk less than just about everyone else.  Get in shape so you can walk or bike for several miles with ease.  Some of you will be at different altitudes or climates.  Your body should be in great shape.
  • You may want to weight-train.  You’ll be carrying heavy suitcases as you go overseas.  You’ll probably have a messenger bag or backpack for daily use. You may be carrying groceries home on public transportation.
  • Please don’t get any new piercings or tattoos in visible areas of your body.  If you modify your body, give yourself a few months to heal.  
  • NO TONGUE PIERCINGS-You will use different muscle, bone, and tongue positions to speak a new language.  You can’t properly learn a new language with a tongue stud.  You have to be able to enunciate clearly in English and in your new language.
  • If you take prescription medication, take a 3 month supply with you.  If you have a chronic condition, take along a letter from your doctor detailing your treatment.  
  • If you wear contacts or glasses, take your prescription with you.  Every year, kids lose their contacts or break their glasses.  Bring spares of both contacts and glasses.
  • Think about removing your wisdom teeth.  Every year, a handful of students’ teeth erupt and cause pain.  Talk to your dentist. 
  • If you take anti-depressants, take them with you.  Don’t try to hide depression or anxiety.  Exchange programs don’t care about depression, but they care if you lie and try to hide it.

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