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Exchange Students cost Money?
02-04-08, 2:27 am
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 Husband likes keeping track of our finances online.  He checks daily, which is good.  Last week, he found he was charged for opening a Juno.com account.  He’s already been a victim of identity theft twice in the last 9 months.
He told me something interesting last week, and I’ve been thinking about it since.  He said that he can tell when we are hosting.  (We hosted a FES while the host parents went away for a week recently, and a few weeks over the holidays.)  Husband told me he was tracking household spending, and I spend more when we have a kid in the house.  
At first, I thought it was just food.   FES’s eat a lot.  They can chow down an entire package of Oreos in a day, they eat a lot of fresh fruit and meat, and they drink lots of soda.  I don’t buy soda or Oreos for the two of us.  So I do spend more money on junk food and snacks.  Oh, then I eat more when a student is around.  If I’m by myself, I’ll eat an apple and cheese or cereal to hold me till dinner.  When I have a student, I’ll use leftovers, make sandwiches, or go grab fast food for both of us.  Hmm, so now I’ve added fast food to the list. 
I have to add gas since I’m going to the grocery and fast food stores more often.   Since I’m already out, I might as well stop at Target or Walmart and grab a few things.  A Starbucks stop would be nice.  Oh, look, TJ Maxx is having a sale.  Sometimes, I’ll pay for something FES wants, too.  Five or ten dollars adds up. 
I was quietly defensivewhen Husband pointed the expenses out to me, but damn, he was right.  What should you do?  If the student lives with you,  you should treat him like your own child.  If you would pay for your own child’s razor blades, socks, or notebooks, then you should pay for FES’s.  Perhaps FES could receive an allowance from you to pay for extras like school dances, Itunes cards, or movies.  You could come up with a budgeted amount each month.   FES’s parents should pay for the “P’s” photos, prescriptions, phone calls, and postage.  As for me, we only have FES’s as guests, so  I’m going to be more aware of what I’m spending in the future, and I’ll probably be cooking more.

EDIT:  There is a big difference to me between hosting an exchange student, and inviting a student to live with you and be a permanent part of the family.  The above post is about hosting a kid.  I know we spend money on the people we love, but I wrote about the creeping spending that I didn’t notice for a student. 


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The FES treated my grandmother terribly. No matter what she did, got the girls nails done, took her to restarants and other places, this girl, was terrible. She slept most of the time. She bought gifts for others that she befriended, would let the host cook great meals, and then cook something else. She was a fraud. She absolutely did not belong in the program. She was just a user. She tolerated my grandmother just so that she could attend an AMerican school free of charge, eat expensive foods for free, utilize the electricity, run up bills, and not hardly speak to my grandmother even though she was living in her home free of charge. When she left, she never even said Thank you for Good bye. My grammy paid $70.00 for a cab to take her to the airport, and the girl never even said thank you. She wrote a lot of mean things in Korean, not knowing that my grammy could read Korean but not speak it. Too bad the FES never really bonded. Grammy had made plans to take her to Disney world as she has taken her other FES students, this girl waited until the last minute, and changed her mind. She cost my grammy a lot of financial hardship. Because of this, my grammy has opted to not open her heart, her home or her finances to anymore FES . Too bad for them. What liars they are. Some are truly users. How could a person stay in a house, accept their kindness and use them the way this little Asian girl did. NO MORE we told GRammy. STOP !! Now grammy is on vacation ENJOYING HERSELF WITH HER OWN FAMILY. GOOD FOR HER.

Comment by S. Haynes

Your grandmother should’ve had the girl move out of her house. It obviously wasn’t a good experience.

Comment by Wry

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