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02-07-08, 12:57 pm
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 While driving the Jeep yesterday, I had a problem.  Remember I wrecked Husband’s old tank a few weeks ago?  He has a standard shift 4-wheel drive vehicle he uses to get into difficult terrain.   I can drive standard. Honest!  Anyway, it was getting more difficult to shift on my way home yesterday.   I KNOW it’s a modified ‘H’ and where the slots are, but it seemed balky.  I thought I was tired, and not paying attention as I shifted.  About 3 miles from home, the stick stuck. at a stop sign. going uphill. with traffic.  I thought I killed it. (Husband accuses me of riding the clutch.)  AAA came, and told me it was out of clutch fluid.  WTF? I’ve never heard of clutch fluid.   Translation: Hurray, not my fault!

I’ve been pretty depressed the last week or two.  It’s a ‘major depressive episode along with a med change.’  It’s not like I was counting out the sleeping pills or anything. (12)  I feel better now that I’ve talked about it with my therapist and Husband.  I’m just drained-physically, mentally, emotionally.  It’s weird, but it takes me a while to see what’s wrong.  I just know I’m tired, and the rest of the world sucks.  The Jeep was just about the last thing I needed yesterday.  I went to therapy last night, and hope I’m on the upswing now. 

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It’s amazing how the shit seems to always happen when we’re depressed. Hang in there.


Comment by Rob N.

[…] part.   Then I thought I killed the Jeep, but I squeaked by on that one.  (See earlier posts  Jeep  and Tank.)  We left Friday for a weekend meeting.  As I pulled car #3 out of the driveway, […]

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