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Kipling Bags
02-17-08, 9:38 pm
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  Hi, I’m Wry.  I have a problem.  I am addicted to Kipling bags.  

Cosmetic bags?  Yep.  Computer bags?   Yep.  Messenger bags?  of course.  Duffle bags? Oh, yeah! Tote bags?  Sure!  Backpacks?  Yes!  Garment bag?    Ebay, baby!  Purses?  Kipling Morrisey Clutch Um, maybe a few?

Kipling is from Belgium. The bags are made of water repellent strong nylon.  I throw them in the washing machine to clean them.  I have bags that are 20 years old, and they still look new.  Our exchange sons laugh at me, but they have Kipling messenger bags or duffles themselves.   The bags all come with a plush monkey keychain.   I take them off the bags, and grouped them on display in an art glass bowl.  I probably have 40 monkeys. They amuse me.  I buy my Kipling products from Ebay, TJMaxx, eBags, and whenever we go to New York City.   My birthday is coming up quickly.  Gee, I wonder what to ask the birthday fairy for??


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Damn r Good this baggies….im using it every day at work and its going w me at the end of the month to my trip….Chau

Comment by P

i know a brasilian who is also obsessed with them. she wants to go to across the border to buy them. then on a group trip, a brasilian bought new luggage, just one suitcase, it was over €200 lol, and of course came with the monkey. and i saw some new ones in a store downtown, there are new kinds of monkies, theyre all metallic lol

Comment by M

Funny you mention 40 “monkeys”, but fail to mention how many bags you own. I realize a jones when I see one ( and how many do I see)
Yes if you are good and try not to kill anymore vehicles, I may buy you a “new and improved” Kipling bag. * I know a secret store where they are kinda cheap.

Comment by The Husband

I have more monkeys than bags. When I give a bag away, I keep the monkey. When someone I know purchases a bag, I have no shame in begging for the monkey. Sparky told me he gave his monkey to his host family’s puppy, and I was just so jealous. But he didn’t, and gave it to me later.
I saw the new monkeys, some are plastic, and others are brass. I just like having a bowl of monkeys. It’s so silly.

Comment by Wry

i find it incredibly entertaining that you have the choice of putting one thumb into the monkies mouth or into its other fist…keeps me happy for hours on end 😛

Comment by M

hi wry,
you are really an avid collector of kipling bags,i admire your collection.. i bought an old kipling messenger bag from a friend a few years back,im not a collector of kipling bags,i just love messenger bags.. the one i bought has a signature under its tag,it says kipling by xavier and ahyllis,i tried to search it on google but i got zero results,i’m just wondering if the bag is authentic..hope to hear from you.. tnx wry.

Comment by tak

I never thought of my habit as a collection. 🙂 I just like how I can beat the hell out of them, and they still look great.
Yours is probably a ‘designer collection’ Kipling, like the ones out now by Fergie.

Comment by Wry

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