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“Fun” in Dysfunctional
02-20-08, 7:35 pm
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 Family. Can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em.
My parents are finally getting a computer.  My father wants to write emails, and check his investments.  I think a large font will make it easier for him to read the news.  My mother just HATES that ‘everything’ states ‘For more info, go to xyz.com.’  My mother gave Husband her credit card, and asked him to order one.  My parents know nothing about computers.   I’m sure my father was the one with the sense to let my husband decide.  The discussion has been going on for months now.  Thank gawd it’s finally on order.   My parents know that Husband is great with computers, and trust his judgement.  They mom think I’m a moron.  Guess who gets the pleasure of teaching them how to use the new toy?  Husband told them her to be nice to me.   I so don’t want to give them my email address. 
For Christmas and birthdays, my mother has started to give my asshole brother and me the same amount of money.  She gives Husband and my brother’s girlfriend less ‘because you’re not family.’  (The gf isn’t living with my brother, but she’s been around for about 5 years.) She actually said that to my husband.  We’ve been married for almost 30 years!  He’s the one they call on when they need advice, a ride, or anything repaired.  

The irony is she used to complain when my grandmother favored  my uncle over her, just like she’s always done with my brother and me.  He could do no wrong, and I was always a disappointment.  My parents used to fume about my grandmother’s attitude toward my father.   Pfff.


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