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“I’m going to make you a girly girl”
02-22-08, 3:16 pm
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 I *thought about one of our former students this morning.  “Princess” lived with us for four months.  She is the only student we have ever moved out of our home.   Princess’ family was prominent and extremely wealthy.  She was also the baby of the family.   Can we say entitled?  She was used to going to a salon weekly for mani/pedi-including acrylic nails, massage, placenta hair treatment, etc.   Um, I cut and color my own hair, have never had a manicure or a pedicure, and am super low maintenance.  Princess ‘needed’ her toes done about a week after arrival, and I handed her the polish and remover.  She just looked at me. 
Princess wouldn’t leave her room until her heavy full makeup was perfect in the morning.  Her long hair had to be minoxidil-ed, and brushed to perfection-she liked to swing it all around.   (Can you imagine a 17 year old girl with thick, full hair using minoxidil?) Her earrings, barrettes, belt, purse, and shoes all had to match her outfit.  I was exhausted just watching her get ready.
Princess said “I’m going to make you into a girly girl before I leave.  I promise you.”  Yeah, not so much.  Husband laughed and laughed.   I like timeless, plain clothes in black.  I’m happiest wearing a twinset or 3/4 sleeve v-neck top,  jeans, and either ballet flats or my beloved Havaianas.
Princess and I were at a restaurant when she spied a hot guy.  She was going on and on about how cute he was, and then she snapped ‘never mind.’  She said he obviously wasn’t hot since he had on brown hiking boots with a black belt.  Huh?  I pointed out that he was a guy, and most teens don’t have the money to buy multiples of hiking boots and belts, and did I mention he was a guy?  She said a boy would know better in her country.    

* While I shovelled the walk in a green and tan ballcap, olive barn jacket, black socks, pink Timberland hiking boots, and cropped -CROPPED- jeans.  I’m just too sexy.  Princess would’ve died! 


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Princess said “I’m going to make you into a girly girl before I leave. I promise you.”
When did that thing happen……im that lost!!!
hahahaha tell princess to shut up and bring me beer.

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