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Search Term Fun
03-06-08, 11:27 pm
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Along with the typical ‘exchange student hell,’ Lunesta and Zoloft, Denim & Diamonds searches, I had oodles looking for the AFS student from last week.  I also had all of these interesting ones.

 Sex-lesbian exchange students, sex with exchange student? sex search terms,  porn exchange students, exchange sexual favors for money, sex fes, fes sex, exchange student nude, porn exchange students, gay exchange stud, foreign exchange students have gay sex, gay foreign exchange students, lesbian mannerisms, foreign exchange for gay parents, daughter exchange student lesbian, and my favorite- husband refuses to use butt plug.
Questions-piercings at interviews (as few as possible), how many black people are in chile (647), do chileans eat bread(yes, and it’s fabulous!),  names of exchange schools in chile(doesn’t work like that, just like here, exchange students are ‘sprinkled’ into various schools), dress denim skirt with black slacks (oh, hell no), are americans allowed in chile?(yes) walmart bolivia(no), are there black people in chile?(yep), south americans in usa why so many? (Disney and shopping) how much do you get paid for hosting a fes? (nothing) ARE BLACK PEOPLE EXCHANGE FAMILIES (yes), am i homesick or depressed (probable depressed because you’re homesick),  am i depressed or bored (probably bored) how often should I call home while on exchange (whatever makes you comfortable and confident)
I’m allergic, so no clue-marijuana funny, funny marijuana, and best marijuana ever 
It’s time for a hygiene post-hygiene in other cultures, how do other cultures clean their bodies, feeding french exchange students, japanese girls smell different, FES won’t wear deodorant and stinks
What? You have the wrong blog-activities for bored senior citizens, taiwan concha belt, give us some ideas coz we are bored, asparagus ass, pumpkin pie for dogs
Not sure how this is possible-“reverse culture shock” without leaving
I hope not-student in russia starved, make money as a host family, host families for paying foreign exchange student, “vodka and root beer”, tongue ring stretching accident, and too much bitching in the world.
PS: you know 647 is a joke, right?

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