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Wry and Driving, part 129
03-11-08, 12:49 am
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I have three driving anecdotes for you today.  
1-I’ve had quite a Winter.  Husband told me I’m running out of vehicles to damage.  Let’s recap.   I smushed the front end on the tank, and it’s still not fixed.  It’s almost done, just needs one more part.   Then I thought I killed the Jeep, but I squeaked by on that one.  (See earlier posts  Jeep  and Tank.) 
We left Friday for a weekend meeting.  As I pulled car #3 out of the driveway, Husband stopped me, as I had a flat tire.   Being the perfect husband, he has an air compressor thingy to pump tires up at home.  I went back in the house. As he was filling the tire, he heard it hissing.  He jacked the car up to remove the tire and put on the spare.  (After removing the luggage from the trunk.) 
I hear ‘Wry! WRY! WRY!’ 
I think ‘Oh, crap.’ 
‘Look at this.’
‘Um, yeah?’  The rim was bent.  A lot. 
‘How did this happen?’
‘I dunno.’
‘What did you hit? I KNOW you had to notice and remember it.’
‘A deep pothole.’
‘Well, we need a new rim. I can’t just get one on the way.’ As he said this, the car slowly fell off the jack onto it’s axle.  I believe that’s when he looked to the heavens and asked ‘What else?’   We packed up the Jeep and went on our way.  He found a new rim today.  All is well.  The tire is fine.
2-During the tire issue, snow started to fall.  It was just flurries, but within 15 minutes, it was coming down.  So it’s a good thing we took the Jeep for safety.  We went 200 miles away, and it took us almost 7 hours.  The snow just kept coming and coming.  Can you imagine driving for 200 miles averaging 25 MPH?  It sucks.  We were snowed in at the hotel, so the conference had great attendance.  I imagine the bar did a great business.   There wasn’t anything else to do but drink or go online.  We drank.
3-On the way home, Husband and I saw a SUV with advertising all over the windows and body for the ‘#1 Christian Porn Site.’ We giggled for several miles.  My comment-“There’s a number 2?”  Husband’s comment-“Holy fuck! Literally!” The cartoon-like graphics advertised something like XXX church, and it was definitely eye-catching, but who drives a vehicle advertising porn in multi-colored foot-tall letters? It’s not like you can pick up Snowflake from karate class driving it.

100 miles=161 kilometers, 20+ inches=52 centimeters


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You must really have a great husband to fix your little indiscretions. He must be a great guy. How does he keep from throttling you?
The next vehicle story will be about you driving a truck for the rest of the year. Talk about job security!!!!

Comment by truck driver

No, not gonna happen. No Harley,and NO TRUCK.

Comment by Wry

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