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How Important is Your Name?
03-18-08, 12:11 am
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  •  If you are an exchange student, prepare for a new name.   It’s easier to just let it go instead of getting upset and fighting all year.  Some languages don’t use the same alphabet, same letters, split syllables differently, and many pronounce letters and vowels differently. 
    Some examples:  
  •  V-in German V is pronounced as W.   In Latin American Spanish, V sounds like B.  Students are taught the sounds are ‘Big B’ and ‘Little B.’
    J– In Chile, J sounds like Y, but in Argentina, it’s a zsh sound.  If your name is Jim, you can be either Yim or Zshim.  Other languages pronounce Jim as Him.
  • The name ‘Doug’ can be pronounced as Dug, Doog, Dog, Duck, or Doe.   Sarah can be Sar-rah like car.   Andrea will probably be Ahn-dray-ah.   David can be Dah-veed.  Christian is Cris-ti-ahn.  Patricia can be Pah-TREESS-i-ah.
  • Boys names here can be girls names there. Laurence (Lah-rhawnss) is a girls name in French.  Andrea can be a boys name.

    Previous post on names here.   As for me, I didn’t know my name until I was 14, and my mother asked me to sign my Social Security card.  Let’s say I always thought my name was the old-fashioned, elegant name of Elizabeth.  My card read Lizzie.  Mom said Dad gave the hospital the wrong name to put on the birth certificate.  They didn’t understand why I was upset, since ‘Elizabeth IS your real name.  It’s your Baptismal name.’  Sheesh.   Why didn’t they fix it?  They didn’t understand why I was royally pissed and upset.  I’ve hated my name ever since.  I should’ve changed it when I was 18.    Cue karma.  My father found out his name was different a few years ago.  His went from the nickname to the proper name though.  Boy, was he upset!   I kept my mouth shut.


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