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How to Get Right Up to $25.00 on Amazon.com
03-18-08, 10:57 pm
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I love Amazon.com’s wide selection and great customer service.  They sent me a Christmas gift once because I was a good customer.  Aww.   Anyway, many times I order a book or two, and my total is $22.99.  Free shipping starts at $25.00.   I end up spending thirty dollars just to get free shipping.

I found 3 ways to help get my Amazon.com purchase up to $25.00.  The hints are originally from WiseBread.com, but I read them on Consumerist.com  This first one is from FillerItem.comFiller

The next one is from Freebieville.com Their cheapest item is 38 cents!

The best one is from Amazon.com itself.  You type in something you’re interested in anyway, and add this secret code after it. &emi=ATVPDKIKX0DER    Cool, huh?  Think of all the fun two dollar books you’ll find.  “Butterflies of Antartica,” “The Spears Style Manual,” “Siegfried & Roy’s Guide to Raising Happy Cats,” “Condy’s Top Secret Hair Do’s and Don’ts,”  “Cupcakes for profit,” “101 Dryer Lint Projects,” and “Pole Dancing for Dummies.”


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AWESOME this is good to know because I also buy one more thing so I can get free shipping and it usually is an item like $20 so I go way over!

Comment by whiteymcwheatbread

ZOMG, awesome tip! I hate when I have to spend extra just to get free shipping.

Comment by Megan

Hi – great post – but FYI your link to Freebieville.com links to filleritem instead. The freebieville.com link is http://www.freebieville.com/Amazon_cheap_filler_for_free_shipping.htm

Comment by Lynne

Thanks, Lynne. I fixed it.

Comment by Wry

You might want to take a look at http://www.discount-hunt.com. I use it to discover discounts on Amazon and sometimes a filler item.

Comment by John

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