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Smoking and Driving
03-18-08, 11:47 am
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Smoking and driving is illegal now in Chile.  Can you imagine?   So many people smoke in Chile, I can’t believe it passed.  It’s been less than two years that restaurants have ‘non-smoking’ sections.  Chile has the highest rate of women smokers in the world-over a third of women smoke.


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WOW that is so crazy to hear. I am all about freedom to do as we want (as long as it does not hurt others).I cannot stand the smell of smoke, I would be fine with that law….my husband wouldn’t. ha ha ha

Comment by whiteymcwheatbread

I know, it’s so weird.
I’m happy as long as I can eat, drink, do my makeup, and talk on the cell as I drive. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Comment by Wry

Ha ha that is most women! Maybe they figured since all women are like you (if not all then most) and 3/4 of their women smoke then that is one less thing for them to do to cause an accident!

I am guilty of eating, talking on the phone, and drinking (not alcohol DUH). I do not do my make-up while driving…but then again I hardly ever wear any. I have pumped brest milk and changed clothes while driving before…EEPS!

Comment by whiteymcwheatbread

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