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Don’t Assume, duh
03-20-08, 12:39 pm
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 One of our students is staying with us this week while his hostfamily is out of town.  I opened the door to his room yesterday afternoon to check if the ceiling was leaking.  (we’re building a lovely ark in the yard. 5 inches in 24 hours.)  As I reached to flip the light switch, the covers moved.  I shrieked just a little.  FES was still in bed!  He sleepily told me “I have a headache.” (bullshit) I called the school, and the secretary  laughed and said she assumed he was with me.   Well, it was a good rainy day to sleep in.   
  Wouldn’t you assume that by March he’d know to tell someone or call the school if he wasn’t going that day?  You’d be wrong.  You’d also think I’d learn by now-NEVER ASSUME WITH A FES.

Edit: I figured out why this bugged me so much.  Privacy.  When I’m home alone, I take my clothes off in the bedroom, then go shower.  I leave the bathroom door open, so BadLab can wander in and out. (GoodDobie is scared of the bathroom.)  I talk to the dogs.  And then there’s the torrid affair between the UPS man and me.  The dogs like him, too.  He gives them bones.

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