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03-21-08, 1:46 pm
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I’m part of a new blog tour.  We met online through a forum we all are addicted to, er, read.  Each week, we’ll all post on the same topic.   This week’s topic is ‘What was the strangest vacation spot you ever visited?‘  I’ll post mine later, after all it’s not due until tomorrow morning.  I have to think about it for a while because I don’t want to hurt any FES feelings.  Just because I think guinea pig on a stick isn’t delish, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.  For us, the strangest spot is probably a ‘normal’ cruise to the Bahamas.  We hated cruising.  Husband was so bored he read my Vogue.
Enjoy the new blogs.
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This is my 250th post. Go, me!


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