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“Had Sex With My Exchange Student”
03-24-08, 7:45 pm
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Dear Person or Persons who searched for links to “had sex with my exchange student” twice today,
  Why?  Why would you google that?  Are you looking for approval?  a support group? advice?  absolution?  ease your guilt?   No reason or excuse would ever be acceptable.
Please do something good and decent.  Let the student go.  Move FES out of your home immediately.   You know it was wrong, immoral, and illegal if the student is a minor.  


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I doubt the search had anything to do with reality. Be careful…if you write about it your blog will probably become more susceptible to similar search hits.

Comment by Theo

Thanks, Theo. It really upset me because it DOES happen. Every year, even with background checks, we get frisky host moms and dads.
I always get exchange student/sex/porn searches. I think the word ‘had’ is what got me this time.

Comment by Wry

You wouldn’t believe some of the searches I get.

I try to think, “There might be a context to this.” but then, sometimes, you know there just isn’t.

Comment by Becky..Absent Minded Housewife

Update. Yesterday’s seaches included ‘pregnant by my exchange student.’ Yeesh.

Comment by Wry

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