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Depression and Loving Yourself
03-27-08, 10:14 pm
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 “Why I Love Myself” is this week’s topic on the blog tour.  I’ve been obsessing and avoiding this post for several days.   I have Depression.  I don’t love myself.  I think I’m worthless, and wouldn’t mind dropping dead tomorrow. I can remember first wanting life to be over when I was in middle school.
 I also have Dissociative Disorder, which for me means I compartmentalize things.  The normal, rational part of my brain realizes I’m ridiculous.   I’ll be fine as long as the healthy part stays stronger than the sick side.  Regular readers know January was bad for me, hell, I even wrote a suicide note one night.   I got to my psychiatrist quickly, to change and up my happy pills.  

I’m married to the best man in the world, I have made a difference in hundreds of students’ lives over the years,  I love our exchange sons and they love me, I have understanding, wonderful friends, 2 great dogs, no major bills, and travel often.  I have it good.  I am appreciative.   And I hope next week’s blog tour assignment is all about pink fluffy bunnies and rainbows.

ETA: I’m not pathetic.  Depression is part of me, but I hope I’m not whiny about it.  I’m not miserable.  I laugh often, and enjoy making others laugh.  I don’t walk around with a black cloud over my head.

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Are you kiddin’?

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This may sound cheesey, but I love you for making this post. I didn’t realize how hard this topic would be for some people, and I appreciate your honesty and openness.

Also, I totally think next weeks assignment should be about pink fluffy bunnies and rainbows! =P

Comment by housewife2000

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