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April Fool’s Day
04-01-08, 10:11 pm
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 People who know me can attest that Husband and I are polar opposites.   April Fool’s Day definitely separates us.  I loathe it, while it’s Husband’s favorite day of the year.  I joke it’s his ‘High Holy Day.’   Husband spent the day (gently) pranking people.   He pranked me ONCE.  He’s lucky I didn’t kill him.
We were so poor when we first married way too young.  We barely made it to each paycheck.  He called in a panic telling me someone stole his wallet.  He had left it above the visor in his work truck.  It got worse, it was after he cashed his paycheck.   I called our bank, credit card companies, and anyone else I could think of.  I may have called the police to report a robbery, and he worked for the City at the time. I cancelled everyfuckingthing.  Then he came home, and ‘April Fool’s!’  Argh!   Still not funny years later.  
 Now Husband pranks our exchange students if we have one living with us, or we’re really close.   Husband has pulled some great stunts over the years, and the kids always say ‘He won’t get me’ with false bravado.  It’s cute-they alternate between scared, hopeful, and excited.  He’s gentle with the kids, saving his best material for adult friends.  All of his stunts are verbal.  He’s very good at pretending he’s from the government (think IRS) or a complaining customer.


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