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Trouble in Feslandia Update
04-07-08, 12:01 am
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 Today was our Spring meeting with all the students and their parents.  It wasn’t the way Wry the anal  would’ve run it; several of the students and parents told me they didn’t receive information about the meeting.  Of course, anal Wry sent an email reminder out to ‘my’ kids.   I’m not certain how much to believe though;  I asked my students if they shared particular country information with their parents.  The kids all said ‘yes’, and the parents all looked lost.  I just rolled my eyes, and passed out my business card to the parents.  (I didn’t meet the parents at interviews since I was out of the country.)
My parents had great questions this year.  They asked a lot of questions I’ve answered here on ‘Wry Exchange.’  They asked about traveling without chaperones, money, prejudice, safety, traveler’s checks, clothing, and host families.  Many of the parents are planning to visit their child next Spring, and told me they wished they had this opportunity when they were young.
Husband found a country for the student, and that’s not an easy feat in April!  Most exchange agreements are made in December/January or are long-term agreements.  It’s not FES’s original language group, but it’s the same continent.  Agatha tried to fib her way out of it.  Husband kept calling her on each one.   She seemed to think magic fairies were going to solve the problem and we were interfering.  Husband and I were so stressed when we came home that we had a junkfood fest (after agreeing we weren’t hungry so we weren’t going to make dinner.)  FES’s first country choice hasn’t responded to our final plea, there is still a small chance they’ll take pity on him.  I doubt it, but strange is the norm in Feslandia.
I really like my new word ‘Feslandia’.  I am so easily amused.


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